Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Just About Any Garage

Whether your garage is underused, cluttered, or has seen the worst of the weather over the years, the matter doesn't have to stop there. You can find a ton of ways to give your garage a simple, efficient makeover in a short amount of time and without a ton of capital. The key? It all comes down to organizing, economizing space, and thinking big. Here are just a few ways to spruce up your garage in no time.

1. Get Creative About Storage Space

From hanging hooks to movable shelves to ceiling storage bins, there's no shortage of ways to get creative about storage space even in the smallest of garages. Even if you feel like you've only got enough room for your car, chances are there's a part of your garage that you're under-using, or simply not thinking about creatively enough. For extra organization points, try dividing your garage into zones for ease of use and access.

2. Consider the Floor

When's the last time you thought about your garage floor? Exactly. Whether it's in need of a serious clean, a de-cluttering, or a full-on makeover, taking a minute to give your garage floor the attention it needs could be just the thing to boost your garage's look, feel, and organization in a short amount of time. You can refurbish the floor for a whole new look, not to mention a stain-resistant edge if you're using a special lining. You can also simply take the time to do a simple clean-up to neaten things up and protect your vehicle from dirt and grime buildup.

3. Insulate

When it comes to protecting your home from the harmful effects of cold air and moisture, insulation is a no-brainer. That's exactly why your garage should get the same treatment. Insulating your garage will protect it from some of the damaging effects of exposure to cold or hot weather in harsher months, making it a cleaner, safer storage space for sensitive materials, not to mention your vehicle itself.

4. Do a Deep Clean

Nothing does a better job of restoring a space than a serious deep clean. No matter how filthy, disorganized, or grungy your garage might be, it's important to take some time to tackle it at least once every few months. Chances are it's an overwhelming project for most homeowners, so there's no shame in tackling the big garage clean-up in installments. Using the same zone system you started for better organization, try to take on the garage in parts, and don't feel the need to break your back getting it all done in one day.

5. Buffer

There are a million creative ways to protect your car from unnecessary garage-related bruising and scraping, and most of them involve using ordinary objects you probably already have. A pool noodle cut in half and attached to either side of the wall can double as a great buffer for especially tight garages, as can a parking bumper placed in the very back of the garage to make sure your car is protected at all times.