Garage Door Offtrack

When your garage door comes off track, it can be an annoying temporary issue or a sign of a much larger problem. Telling the difference between the two shouldn't be too difficult after taking a quick look at your garage door, your track, and any other parts that have popped out of place or that show signs of breaking. Whether fixing your garage door track is a simple matter of troubleshooting at home or calling in professional help, take a look at the following possibilities to help you get started.

Why is my garage door off track?

There are several reasons why you might be coming up against this problem. One of the most common is that the track itself is damaged. This can occur when a cable is broken, causing all of the door's weight to fall on the opposite side and warp the track. It can also occur naturally as a result of the track being made of poor or cheap material. You should be able to see if your track is the problem by checking for damage, such as bending or denting. If the track looks fine, it's time to take a look at your rollers. If one or more rollers has popped off the track and continues to do so, you might need to replace them. Luckily, rollers are inexpensive and can be found easily online. However, if you still experience this issue even after replacing or cleaning your rollers, you're dealing with a bigger problem.

Can I fix this from home?

In short, it depends. If you've successfully identified the issue and it requires a bit of work and maybe an additional part or two, it's possible to get your garage door back on track by yourself. However, in the case of a bigger problem, like a warped or bent track, you'll need to call in extra reinforcements. If your rollers keep popping off the track, cleaning them and putting them back on track is a fairly simple matter. With a pair of locking pliers and a mallet, manually lift the door until the rollers align with the dislodged area. Use the pliers to place the rollers back on track, and use the mallet to lock it in place.

How much will it cost to fix professionally?

The cost of labor and parts for an off-track garage door usually ranges from about $120-$150 depending on the damage. If you choose to fix the issue at home, you can find replacement rollers at a hardware store ranging from around $8 to $15. Be sure to do all the necessary measurements from home before buying any spare parts.

What if it keeps happening?

If you've repeatedly had to put your garage door back on its track and can't figure out the problem on your own, it's time for professional help. Call DoReMi for same day service, including service on weekends and weeknight. You can also call us for questions and consultations. If you need help with an off track garage door or any other issue, we're happy to assist you at any time.