Garage Doors

Your garage door is more than a mere protective layer for the space itself. The way your garage door looks, functions, and uses design can help to elevate your home both visually and in terms of actual worth. That's why it's important to take some time before replacing your garage door to think about your options. In addition to styles and materials, your garage door type will help take the space to the next level.

Swinging or "Carriage" Doors

For homeowners who want their garage door to make a clear and definite statement, there's nothing more elegant than a classic carriage door to show off the space and compliment the home. Traditionally made of wood and fashioned in the style of older stables, carriage doors use two connecting, swinging doors as an entryway. These doors can be endlessly customized, insulated, and connected to any type of automated software, though this might prove a bit costly to do. For homeowners who want the 'wow' factor, carriage doors are an ideal option.

Roller Doors

When it comes to a more modern, practical aesthetic, a sliding panel door (or roller sheet) is a common option with lots of room for variety and customization. With roller doors, a chain, screw, or belt drive is used to pull the door upward and position it at the top of the garage. This type of door is easily automated and hooked up to newer technology, increasing its security features and safety benefits. It's also a weather-resistant option that can accommodate many different styles and material types such as wood, steel, or vinyl.


Panels are a part of the garage door that can lend a unique and individual sense of style to any garage exterior. Whether you're looking for an understated type of sectional door, a door that uses separate panels to easily fold upward or side to side, or a simple, single-panel door, the types of materials and panels you use can help to create a fully personalized type of garage door. In most doors, a use of panels facilitates a certain function. For instance, if you want a lot of room in your garage and don't want your garage door taking up any valuable storage space, installing a multi-paneled swinging door is the perfect way to increase space without sacrificing style.


If you use your garage for anything more than storing your vehicle at night and during harsher weather, you'll want to make sure the inside of the space is temperature controlled and won't create a hostile environment for sensitive stored materials. Even if you do plan to only use your garage as a place to house your car, it's always a good idea to choose materials for your garage door that will help to insulate the space and keep your vehicle protected from dampness, cold, and moisture. Using protective layers for insulation, such as wood, aluminum, or double steel doors, will go a long way toward keeping your garage clean, safe, and protected from outside elements.