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When it comes to your home security, keeping your garage safe should always be high on your list of priorities. Part of having a safe and happy household is making sure that when things go wrong, you don't waste a second addressing the problem at hand. That's why it's always important to deal with garage door issues right when they come up. Whether it's something small, like a broken spring or roller, or a larger damage-related issue, your garage door deserves a high level of care and commitment. That's why DoReMi takes the issue of fixing your garage door seriously.

How a Secure Garage Door Creates Peace of Mind

If your garage is connected to your house, you should always think of it as a part of your home's structure when it comes to design, stability, and security. Even if your garage is a completely separate structure, keeping it safe and secure from the inside out can do wonders for a home's exterior and curb appeal. The more attention you pay to keep your garage well-maintained and secure from the harmful effects of intruders, internal damage, and harsh weather, the better off your home will be.

Our Approach

Our Approach At DoReMi, we know that home security starts with a smoothly-working garage system that works with you to create a sense of peace and security. Whether you want to go high tech with the latest technology or keep it simple and elegant, paying attention to the details is what will allow your garage treatment to stay strong no matter what happens through the years. DoReMi doesn't just want to fix your garage problems. We're invested in making you better at advocating for yourself and protecting your garage from harm in the long run. We will not only fix, replace, and protect your assets, we give you the tools to do it yourself. That's our guarantee.

Learning the Basics

The start to a long-lasting, smoothly-running garage door is knowing exactly what you're working with. If you're looking to get started on a home improvement project, or even if you just want to know more about what you're working with, take a look at this handy guide to learn about the different styles, types, and materials used in creating sustainable garage doors.

Garage Door Styles

Your door style is about more than just aesthetics. The way your door opens is a huge part of its function. That's why it's important to be informed about all the different options. Folding doors, sliding doors, and multi-panel doors are beautiful to look at while being able to discreetly tuck away into the ceiling or sides of your garage. However, for more traditional homes, carriage and single-panel garage doors can put an elegant face on a garage without impairing its functionality.


When it comes to the look, feel, and security of your door, there are many options available to you in terms of materials. On the more expensive end of the spectrum, wood exists as one of the most durable and beautiful options for garage door materials. If you're working with a budget, aluminum, and steel present a great counter option, with increased durability and insulation possibilities. Other cost-effective options include fiberglass, vinyl, and wood composite. Before choosing your material, try to keep your main priorities in order. You should put the same amount of thought into your garage door as you do into your home siding. Think about its cost, look, feel, insulation benefits, and protection. Always take into account how different types of weather will affect your material of choice, and don't forget to take some time to read up on maintenance tips for your preferred material. Whatever you choose will be with you for the long run, so always try to be prepared before making a decision.

Insulation Benefits

In addition to keeping your car safe, a garage can act as a space for you to store all the belongings that can't fit inside your home. Because of this, you should always try to think of your garage as a safe space for storage. If your garage is unprotected, it could lead to damage not only to your car as well as your home's interior but also to any sensitive materials you've been storing there. To avoid damage from moisture, heat, and other weather-related effects, it helps to think about investing in an insulated garage door. When you keep the temperature inside your garage regulated, you run far less of a risk of incurring damage to your belongings. If your garage is attached to your home, this is even more of a concern, since cold air and moisture can potentially travel through your garage into your home, compromising your ability to keep a temperature-controlled environment during periods of harsh weather. If you're looking to get an insulated door, double steel is a great option, along with wood and aluminum.

Issues and Repairs

Issues and Repairs It's impossible to consider all the things that could go wrong with any given home feature. However, it is possible to do some of the troubleshooting yourself when things do go wrong. If you're experiencing issues with your garage door, we can help. But before making an appointment, try to see if you can assess the problem on your own to save yourself time and worry. There are many things that can go wrong with a garage door, and a lot of them involve nothing more than a simple part replacement or a thorough cleaning. Take a look at the following and try to see if your door's symptoms match any of the following issues:


What To Do If...


My door is jammed

The first thing to do when your door is jammed is to look for an obstruction. This might seem obvious, but sometimes the smallest things can have a huge effect on your door's functionality. For instance, an obstruction doesn't have to be a giant object standing in the way of your door's path or its track. Sometimes an external bump or denting on your door can be enough to impair its movement. Before calling a professional, do a quick assessment of any external damage that might be causing the problem. Start with the outside and then work your way in. If you're still not finding anything, it's time to get a bit more technical.

My door isn't moving but there's no obstruction

There could be many reasons why your door is stuck, moving more slowly or quickly than usual, or simply not functioning at all. The majority of these issues have to do with the door's main track.

Most modern garage doors function on a chain, belt, or screw model. The chain and belt models are much more commonly used, and rely on a door traveling up a track with the help of springs, rollers, and cables. When a garage door stops working properly, any of these components could be to blame.

A simple casing of your garage door opener's track should tell you what you need to know. In most cases, either a roller is dirty or has popped out of place, a cable is fraying or broken, a spring has malfunctioned, or a track is bent or misaligned. In most of these cases, a replacement part is necessary, along with some professional labor.

My cables aren't working

Some garage door problems aren't the easiest to figure out. Luckily, when a cable stops working, you'll know about it. Many homeowners already know to check cables regularly for signs of damage and fraying. However, if it's gotten to the point where a cable has actually snapped loose, you'll become aware immediately. Your door will start putting more pressure on the side with the remaining cable, causing the other equipment to become overly stressed on that side. This is a problem that requires immediate professional help in order to avoid injury to yourself or your vehicle.

I can't tell if I should replace my rollers

Garage door rollers are an integral part of your garage door's functionality. They're also relatively cheap and easy to replace, making it a fairly easy fix when they start to misbehave. However, just because your rollers are popping off the tracks doesn't mean that they are the problem. When this happens, take a minute to check your rollers thoroughly, as well as your track. If the roller is dirty or worn down, it's time to replace it. If the track itself is bent or damaged, you have a bigger problem on your hands.

I need to reprogram my garage door opener

Garage door openers can be tricky. If you have a newer model, trying to troubleshoot and fix garage door opener issues is made easier than ever with apps like MyQ that allow you to connect your opener to your smartphone to set codes and access updates. You can also use the app to reprogram your opener by pressing the 'learn' button on the app and following its instructions. If you don't have a newer, smartphone-enabled device, your 'learn' button and reprogramming instructions can generally be found on the back or bottom of your device, near the antenna.

I need to purchase a replacement part

Many garage door replacement parts can be found easily online. However, don't make the mistake of ordering a new part before you've gotten its correct measurements. In the case of a new spring or door panel, this can be trickier than it seems. For best results, leave the re-ordering of more complicated parts to a professional.

I need to replace my door panels

Before replacing a panel on your door, first try and figure out if the damage can be repaired. If your damage is minimal, a professional can easily fix most surface scrapes and dents. However, if you're looking at a bigger problem that's impairing your door's ability to function, you should leave this task to a professional, since measuring and ordering new door panels can be harder than it looks.

My sensor stopped working

If your garage door opener has simply stopped responding to you, a number of factors could be at play. Either your camera eye could be out of alignment or blocked, your device could be compromised, or the door itself is experiencing a problem. In any case, a bit of troubleshooting is required. Try and run a few tests to see if your camera, device, or door is the problem.

When to Call a Professional

At DoReMi, we're committed to solving any problems you face with your door in a way that safeguards you against future issues. If you've been experiencing a problem with your door that keeps coming back each time you fix it, it might be time to call us in. With our professional expertise and same day service offered Monday through Sunday, there's nothing we can't fix.


How much will my repair cost?

Before coming up with a price, we'll have to assess your repair needs. Give us a call at any time to receive a quote.

How soon can you repair my garage door?

We are available throughout the week, and we can offer same day service on most jobs.

I'm experiencing an issue I can't identify. How can I figure out what the problem is?

Give us a call at any time to talk through your issue, troubleshoot, or set up an appointment.

When are you available for repairs and consultations?

We are available for same-day service throughout the week, with additional service on weekends.

Where are you located?

We can be found at locations across Southern California.

Garage Door Consultation

We understand that sometimes the first part of assessing the problem is getting an expert opinion. That's why we're available to consult on big problems and small. Perhaps you're unsure about whether to replace a part or have it repaired. Maybe you're undergoing a huge remodel of your garage, and you'd like advice on materials for rebuilding. Or maybe you're just looking to arm yourself with extra knowledge about your garage door and how it works so that you can be prepared for the future. No matter what your question or concern, we're here for you. Give us a call to set up an appointment or consultation today.