Garage Door Repair

If your garage door isn't working properly or has stopped working altogether, the first thing to do is figure out where the problem area is and assess the damage. From a broken cable to a bent track to a simple issue of dirt buildup, there are a number of things that could be going wrong. Read on to find out some of the most common garage door issues you might be dealing with.

Cable is Broken

If your cable is broken, it's likely you've already noticed the problem. When a cable is old or worn, it can begin to fray and cause your door's drive to rely more heavily on the opposite of the system to lift up the door's entire weight. This is not only harmful to your track, causing potential damage and bending, it's dangerous, especially if your door has a spring device. If you notice your cable starting to fray or show signs of damage, replace it immediately and never wait for it to break on its own. You'll be saving yourself a lot of money and trouble by addressing the issue beforehand.

Spring Snapped

Most modern garage doors open and close through the use of a torsion spring. This is a system that places two tightly-wound springs at the top of your door to aid the opening and closing process. When your spring snaps, it can cause serious damage and injury. If your spring is broken, don't try fixing it yourself. Because of the power of torsion springs and the risk of danger, it's always best to call in the professionals right away.

Rollers are Dirty

If you notice that your rollers keep popping out of the track and you know there's nothing wrong with the track itself, it's either time to replace them or to give them a thorough clean. Over time, dirt can build up on the door rollers or on the track itself, causing the device to malfunction or become less effective over time. To avoid this, keep your rollers and your track clean and do a regular check up each month to keep track of any other problems before they pop up.

Track is Warped

In the case of a broken cable, it's likely that your track will start to bend on the opposite side of the snapped cable due to too much pressure being put on it. However, if your garage is an older model and the track is made of inexpensive material, it's possible for it to bend on its own. Replacing a track can be costly, but it's always the right move when it comes to bending. A misaligned or bent track can be the cause of many problems down the line. To avoid placing yourself and your vehicle at risk, have a bent track looked at by professionals at once.

Camera or Sensors are Misaligned

If your door isn't opening when you approach but will open manually, it may have something to do with your garage door opener's technology. The most common issue with more advanced opener systems is that the camera was installed without being aligned with the sensors that allow it to recognize a certain vehicle. This can be easily fixed by taking the camera down and re-installing it with the proper alignment.